It Brought a Smile to My Face

Don’t you just love those times when you are going about daily life but something stops in you in your tracks and you can’t help but smile and in some instances laugh? I like to think of those moments as fist bumps of happiness—a gentle reminder that all is not lost in the world and we will still have much to be happy about.

Here are 5 things that recently have done just that.

  1. This picture made me laugh. I am a little surprised the dog was so well-behaved. 
  2. I love this quote and I love this picture. A great reminder that attitude determines much more than we think. 
  3. I am a grown woman and am not interested having bubble gum pink hair but . . . I decided to relive my former younger years and add a highlight of pink to my hair. The rose gold hair color I have now makes me smile and laugh. Here are some ideas in case you want to give it a try. 
  4. I recently went and saw The Greatest Showman and while it was a good show cinematically, it also had a great message about staying positive.
  5. Most recently I have just watched an Ellen episode where Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are promoting their new movie, The Post. This clips should bring a smile and some laughs.

2 thoughts on “It Brought a Smile to My Face

  1. Yes, it is great to have those funny, unexpected things come along here and there, especially since the others come way too often! Thanks for sharing these snippets of joy!


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