Happiness Goals

Happiness goals . . . seems like a lofty take on new year resolutions. But you know what–happiness goals are light-years ahead of regular resolutions. These kind of goals force you to take a look at your inside health and not make resolutions for the benefit of everyone else, but for you. Back in 2018, I heard a podcast by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, about 18 happiness goals for 2018. Something resonated within me and I decided to create my own 18 goals. I did pretty good that year and accomplished most of my goals. For 2019 I decided to do it again. I created 19 happiness goals for 2019. Gretchen Rubin did the same. You can listen to the podcast here as she evaluates her goals for 2019.

I accomplished almost all of my goals and the ones that weren’t accomplished, I did make it halfway. I type up my goals at the beginning of the year and then post them in my kitchen so I can see them everyday and monitor my progress. Some of my goals are quick and some are spread out of the course of the year. For instance, I made the goal to only use my reusable shopping bags throughout the year but another goal was to purchase a new blender. Both goals brought me happiness but both had very different time frames.

My goals might not make sense to you and that is okay. These goals are for me and my happiness. So yes, I am currently working on my list for 20 in 2020. One thing it will include is some new lens for my camera. That is something I think about all the time but never sit down and accomplish. It would feel great to get them and start using them so I can continue to learn and grow as an amateur photographer.

Our lives are not meant to be stagnant. We should always be growing and learning. That is how we become the people we are meant to be. That is how we become us. So let me ask you . . . What are your happiness goals?