Best BBQ Recipes

Nothing screams summer louder than the smell of fresh-cut grass and someone barbecuing something in the backyard. You can smell it a mile away! I love BBQ smells because it means people are outside enjoying the warmth of the sun and hopefully soaking up time that isn’t electronically filled. If you are someone who can’t let your electronic devices go—PUT IT DOWN! Trust me—the phones, tablets, computers, TV’s, etc. will still be there in an hour and your mind plus body will thank you for it.

So to encourage you to get out and make friends with the outside and your grill; here are some recipes to inspire you. Enjoy!

  1. Best non-traditional way to BBQ from Fabulously Frugal 
  2. White BBQ sauce? I am totally intrigued and need to try it from Plain Chicken
  3. Everyone needs to have their particular side dish when eating BBQ. It could be corn, potato salad, watermelon but for me it is coleslaw from Dear Crissy.
  4. While I don’t eat pork anymore; I actually really have a great recipe for ribs. No, I am not going to share it with you at this time. So rude . . . I know! In the meantime, try this one First Home Love Life.  
  5. My favorite is actually smoked turkey. Try this recipe next time from Grits and Pinecones

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