Summer Goals

I don’t know about you but most of my summer is always taken up with the things that other’s plan or need. Not that I am complaining because it usually is something great that I get the opportunity to be involved with but I do have goals of my own and this year I would like to see 5 of them accomplished.

  1. At least 20 minutes of outdoor breathing every day. I hate being cooped up inside during the winter months just because it is cold. I love fresh air and I love to hear nature thriving. 
  2. At least one, full-body submerge in the following: river, lake, ocean, and pool. Got to get my hydration on! 
  3. Try at least one seasonal fruit and vegetable in new recipes during their peak. My mind is already running away with lots of possibilities. Try this one from The Recipe Critic.
  4. Let my hair air dry instead of using the blow dryer for one week. My hair has tight curls, kinky curls, and straight parts—in short, it is a nightmare when left to its own devices but I am willing to tackle it all in the name of healthier hair.
  5. Find a place where I can lay on my back and watch the night sky bloom with stars.