Quick Weekend Getaway

I haven’t had the time to be able to take long vacations for a couple of years now but just like everyone else, I do feel the itch to get away and rejuvenate. Since I can’t really get away, I have looked into some great weekend trips from my house.

Here are 5 that I am seriously considering.

  1. Hood River: People in Portland talk about it all the time but all I have ever done is driven through it. It might be kind of fun to hang out in the gorge for a weekend.  
  2. Bend: One of the few places I haven’t been to in Oregon. 
  3. Florence: I am actually headed there as soon as my sister can get time off from work. 
  4. Vashon Island: I am very intrigued to know more about the Puget Sound. 
  5. Bainbridge Island: Yes, more exploring on the sound. 

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