Designing the Garden

So I don’t have the luxury right now to design a garden but I have big dreams for the future! I think about how I want it to look and what plants I want it. I am not talking about all the extra items that people have in their backyards. We aren’t talking about pools, decks, outdoor kitchens, etc. All of those items are great and I am not opposed to them but I want a space that I can lounge in nature. I place where I can take a nap in the grass or walk through the trees or pick flowers. So here are some of my ideas.

What would you like your garden to look like?

  1. I wish my vegetable garden was as neat as this one and as large.
  2. I also want a larger space for my herbs.
  3. I want my flower garden to include some of these.
  4. And it should include some of these.
  5. I also want a nice walking path through it as well.