So Here’s The Thing . . .

I feel like I am your typical person. I get one or two colds a year and maybe one of those is actually a sinus infection (prone to them since I have allergies). I would say every 3-4 years I get a case of the flu (which I am very glad doesn’t come very often).

But now . . . I am starting to think that someone has it in for me. I started December off great. That was a good thing since I had so much on my plate. December and January are the busiest times for me at work during the year. I also had family coming to town for Christmas and to top it off I have new responsibilities at church that require more of my time.

So December started off great and then it quickly went south within the first week. I came home one night after work and while working on dinner I felt everything drain from me. Needless to say, I ended up with the dirtiest, meanest, no-good, rotten flu that I have ever experienced. Every part of my body hurt. I didn’t know I could hurt like that and I am here to tell you that I pretty much wanted to die.

So a week of recovery on that one and then family came to town. It was WONDERFUL and I loved every minute of it but it was filled with lots going on and little sleep. But I managed to make it through and I thought, “Hey, I’ve got this! I am free and clear now”. Little did I know what lurked around the corner.

So New Year’s came and I had my sister at the house. She just happened to have a head cold. I felt really bad for her and told her it would be okay. I then went to work the Tuesday after and ended putting in almost 36 straight hours. Somewhere in the midst of that, the next bomb broke.

So now I have the yucky head cold and can’t breathe worth a darn. I am pretty much cursing life right now ( in between taking shallow breaths since my nose is out of commission). All the while I get to still put in regular hours at the office. Universe? What did I do?!

That leaves me with the post this week. I can’t seem to get my head to wrap around much right now and I am pretty positive that I am missing something that I was supposed to do. Anyway, my list is very brief (since I really need to go to bed).

My top 5 things I want right now:

  1. My bed (and it needs to be warm)
  2. At least one nostril to clear so I can breathe like I should
  3. My mother (because she would at least tell me she loves me)
  4. Not to have to drive to and from work tomorrow (thanks heavens it is Friday)
  5. This to be the last cold for me for this season. Really, enough is enough!

I hope all of you have a great week and weekend. Stay warm, rested and away from anyone that is sick. 🙂