Setting the Scene

I am not sure what is going on in your next of the woods but things have certainly transitioned from summer to fall in a hurry. It has been fun watching the leaves change colors and litter the ground in color. The temperature has already been dropping and I find myself turning on the heat in the car while driving to work in the early morning hours. I feel the need to start cuddling up in blankets, wear sweaters and use more of the color in orange in everything I do.

Does anyone else feel like this? Does it make you sad for the loss of summer or excited for the change? I am a fence sitter when it comes to the last question. I really like summer but I really like fall as well. So to help the transition; here is a play list to help ease the process.

What songs do you think of when the outside world transitions?

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire: September
  2. Dashboard Confessional: Stolen
  3. Ed Sheeren: Autumn Leaves
  4. The White Stripes: We Are Going to be Friends
  5. Mazzy Star: Fade Into You

2 thoughts on “Setting the Scene

  1. OK Jenn………..Here’s my comment, finally……….
    You know who I like the best………….Earth, Wind, & Fire! Love that song! But I do kind of like “We Are Going To Be Friends”. That’s kind of a neat song. But I have to say that the song sung by this Mazzy Star is a little dead-beat. Sounds like she’s on something! Weird! But yes, I’m glad Fall is finally here and I’m glad I’m bringing it in with you!!


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