What’s Playing Now

I have to admit something . . . I don’t like summer for only one reason. I am sure some of you might think it is because of the temperatures but no. I hate the fact that my commute in the evenings has increased exponentially due to vacationers. It feels like a major accomplishment every night that I finally make it home for the evening. So with all of that extra time in my car, I have lots of extra time to listen to music. I also can’t listen to anything that doesn’t have a significant beat. (Girl has to stay awake somehow!)

So here are the songs that as of late are helping me stay alert while I pursue the course of getting home. (FYI: In the morning my commute time is about 30 minutes. In the evenings, it is anywhere from 1-3 hours.) See what I am talking about!


  1. Just Like Fire by Pink
  2. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  3. Something to Believe In by Young the Giant
  4. Mess Around by Cage the Elephant
  5. Brand New by Ben Rector