Blissful Saturday

Not going to lie . . . it’s not really Friday. In fact, it is Saturday and a very busy one at that. My house is a HUGE mess right now. I have laundry cycling through the washer and dryer. I have a box from storage and about six smaller boxes sitting all around my front room while I decide what to use for a special Mother’s Day at church tomorrow. I have a kitchen and dining room table taken over by the food that I am going to be serving on the items in the boxes at church tomorrow. I have the sheets off of two beds and a thousand pillows all over the floor in the two bedrooms and another bed with an open suitcase sitting on it with the start of a packing session. Needless to say, my house is in complete disarray . . . total chaos.

But . . . I find myself perfectly content. I am glad that I get to use my mad cooking and party skills tomorrow. I am happy to be getting some cleaning done in the house and I even find myself secretly excited about my upcoming business trip. A week away sounds like a lot of fun until I realize that all of the days in their ENTIRETY will be monopolized by work (including next Saturday) which is why I am sitting down a week early and writing my Friday post. Can’t always be running a marathon.

I am looking at everything; not sure where to begin again but I find myself content. I stepped out on to the back patio tonight. The wind is rushing through the trees every now and then like swells in the ocean. I feel the earth breathing and living and it makes me feel peaceful. I get little shafts of light glinting around me like the sun on water and I realize that this is what happiness looks like. I  hear birds chirping to each other. A cat came and drank water out of my bird bath and another one was slinking through the trees in search of something. There truly is beauty all around when there is love.

Today is high on my perfect but perfectly normal days. What is your perfect but perfectly normal day?


2 thoughts on “Blissful Saturday

  1. Glad to hear you’re happy about your house being in disarray…………and happy that you were able to get out of town, even if it was for a convention. But I’m not happy about those pics! Wish I was there to enjoy all of this with you! Keep your fingers crossed that that will happen soon!


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