May All Your Christmases . . .

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday . . . celebrating Christmas. I write this post with so much gratitude in my heart for the wonderful life that I have. I have been blessed with amazing friends and the best family a girl could ever ask for.  That joy makes Christmas morning so wonderful. Christmas reminds me that we are loved, watched over and cared for. I pray that everyone reading this today feels the same way. If you don’t . . . consider this your wireless hug. 🙂

I have been enjoying the Christmas season as much as humanly possible. I have baked, gifted, shopped, shipped, listened and watched all that I could get in. But last night was my favorite thing so far. I had the luck to enjoy Christmas Eve with my best friend and her family. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! We had a traditional German meal. Shared Christmas memories. Listened to wonderful Christmas stories and the birth of Christ. We sang Christmas carols and opened presents. Needless to say, it was midnight when I was leaving to go home.

However, I have never felt so close to the spirit of Christmas then in that silent car ride home. It was lightly foggy; enough to cast a glow to all Christmas lights still on at various homes. I had many years of Christmas memories running through my head and a few tears slipping from my eyes as I thought of all the love that I have felt over the years. All I could hear in my mind was the song Silent Night and I was truly touched. To make it even more idyllic; I have a field right next to my house in which stood 8 deer at attention. I am sure in the darkness there was a sleigh. 🙂 (Really, this was no joke)

I pray for everyone to savor this holiday season. To find joy in life and peace in your hearts. We are blessed because of the birth of a beautiful child.

Merry Christmas!!

Silent Night by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir


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