Playing Dress Up

Who didn’t love playing dress-up when they were a kid? Seriously . . . ask yourself that question out loud and I am sure at least one memory will come to mind. You might have wanted to be a princess or a superhero. You could have wanted to be just like your Dad or the rock-star on your older siblings poster. No matter what, we always want to pretend we are someone else even if it is short-lived and mostly in our dreams.

This actually is the fuel on my eternal Halloween fire. I love dress-up. I love reinventing myself for one night. It is the easiest, quickest and funnest (is that a word?) way for me to escape my hum-drum life. No longer am I defined by the practical side but I can let all of my little girl to adult fantasies come to life.

Everyone knows by now that Halloween never visited my new home this year. I am hoping that next year will make up for it. In the meantime, I have a party to attend tomorrow night and I get to play dress-up. To make it easier on  myself I will be wearing last year’s costume but at least this year I will be getting my makeup done professionally at this wonderful place in Portland: Blush Beauty Bar. For those of you asking what will I be–I was a crow until someone pointed out that I looked more like the mocking jay. Either way, I will be a black bird. (If I can get my act together I will post pictures next week) 🙂

This got me thinking about today’s top five and I have decided to list the top 5 costumes I would like to wear according to category.

What is a costume you would like to wear?

My categories and costumes are . . .

  1. Classic: I have actually done my favorite but I think I am going to have to do it again–Bride of Frankenstein. 
  2. Princess: My whole life I have loved Sleeping Beauty but not when she is the princess. I have always loved her as Aurora. 
  3. Scary: I don’t do gross but I do like to do unsettling so I would like to be an eerie ghost. 
  4. Funny: I think it is best when you do something related to your job. Mine is accounting so one year I will drape a sheet over my body and hold in my hand some sort of sandwich spread. That way I am a spread-sheet; get it? 🙂 Ha! Ha! 
  5. Historical: Okay this one might be stretching it a bit but . . . I love the movie Gone With the Wind. Here’s to you Scarlett! 



2 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up

  1. I think the “spread sheet” is pretty funny! You’ve got to that one somehow. But I think I like Carol Burnett’s version of Scarlett better with the green drapes and the curtain rod! Pretty funny!


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