Madison Wisconsin

Yes, Friday came and went. It was a recovery day for myself and my family and is also why I am posting today instead.  I flew into Madison, Wisconsin for my sister’s wedding on Thursday. It was a beautiful wedding and a whirlwind time in a beautiful state. I wish I would have had more time to explore and I could use some ideas of what to see the next time I am there. In the meantime, here are 5 things that I loved while I was there for two days.

  1. Obviously, my sister’s wedding. She was married out at Badger Farms enjoying the beautiful Madison countryside. IMG_5973
  2. I use to live in Kansas and one thing that I miss the most from the Midwest is the thunderstorms. There was a fantastic storm during my sister’s wedding. IMG_6145
  3. We went out to beautiful Lake Mendota the day after the wedding. IMG_6270
  4. We also perused the campus of University of Wisconsin-Madison and had to get Wisconsin cheese. IMG_6376
  5. Right before we headed into Illinois, we had to stop in Beloit, WI and take a picture as a cheese-head. IMG_6398



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