The Daily Grind

Do you ever have those days when enough is enough?

I do.

In fact, I have it every Friday while driving this intense commute. By the 5th day of the week, I really don’t want to be behind the wheel of the car which leads me to this post.

The only thing that keeps me going is music. I listen to all genres and all ages of music (yes,  I have been known to sing LET IT GO within the safe confines of my steel beast). Music seems to have the ability to keep me from driving like a maniac and being irritated with my fellow drivers (as I sure they are with me).

So here is the music that I enjoyed while commuting to the office today. What do you listen to in order to stay sane?

  1. Rod Stewart–Love Is
  2. Deee-Lite–Groove Is In The Heart
  3. Jeannie C. Riley–Harper Valley PTA
  4. American Authors–Best Day of My Life
  5. Herman’s Hermits–Can’t You Feel My Heartbeat