Keeping Cool

It is the 3rd Friday of July so we have made it to the Places I’ve Been post. 🙂 The idea of what to post came to me yesterday while I was at the lake with the kids. I decided to share with you the first 5 of my favorite places to go swimming or at least frolic in the cold water. I have LOTS of favorite places to be in the water and will probably share more in the future.


Then we have a bonus post today on how the dog is keeping cool this summer. My friend has shared some of Bruno’s (the dog) antics on the Periscope app if any of you have it.




Tell me some of your favorite places to go swimming. I am always looking for a new place! Share also how your pets are keeping cool this summer. Everyone needs a great laugh to start their weekend!


  1. Crescent Bay California: I grew up in Southern California and one of our favorite places to go as a family for a day at the beach was this almost hidden gem. While it is not as hidden anymore it is still a favorite memory of ours.


  1. Heise Hot Springs Idaho: I knew my brother married my sister-in-law just so that I could become acquainted with this wonderful place. It is great all year round and is located in a beautiful setting right next the river.


  1. Manzanita Beach Oregon: I love this place. It is very low-key, has wonderful shops and places to eat, and all the while a great sandy beach to hang out on if it is a warm day outside.


  1. Lake Powell Utah: If you like heat and spending all of your time in the water, this is the place for you. It is very hot and you have to be smart but it is an incredible place to spend your time.


  1. Sunset Beach Hawaii: I have MANY beaches in Hawaii that I love but this really is a great beach to spend the day, watching the surfers and the sunset. Everyone has to come to this beach at least once in their lives.



Here is Bruno biting the hose. Do any of you have this problem with your dog? We can’t have him outside while the sprinklers are running for the same reason; HE BITES THEM AND WE HAVE TO REPLACE THEM. The funny thing is that he stays away from large bodies of water. Very opposite to what my chocolate lab Coco would do.


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4 thoughts on “Keeping Cool

  1. GREAT places to spend time in the water and any of those places so good right now! It’s HOT……especially when you’re AC is out!
    LOVE the pics of Bruno! He’s pretty funny!


  2. Hey Jenn – This was a pretty fun post. Of course I didn’t open up all of these places that you included but they are good places to get in the water! Those pics of Bruno are adorable. Dave and Brook will love those! Love you, Mom P.S. Keep up the good work on your blog! It’s great!

    Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 18:29:42 +0000 To:


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