Miracle Fridays

I like every Friday (except maybe the ones when I am sick) but I do have some Fridays that are what I am going to start calling my miracle Fridays. Those are the ones that you never thought you would get to. The ones where it was so dark that you were only praying you were getting closer to the light of day. Then you finally break through . . . . BRILLIANT SUNSHINE!!! We have made it and it feels so wonderful!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Now on to my favorite things. I actually really like talking about my favorite things for two big reasons: 1. I love sparking people’s interest to see and do things. 2. I love reminiscing on the things that make me smile from my own life.

So in light of that and the crap-tastic week I had at the office all I could think about was food—comfort food, and for me, that comes in the form of Mexican food. I grew up in Southern California and was heavily influenced by the wonderful Mexican culture so I think every wound can be bandaged with killer tacos or chips dipped in a homemade mixture of beans and cheese. This post is just making me hungry. J

Lately I have been working long hours so I haven’t been able to make anything at home. So here are 5 of my favorite Mexican restaurants just in case you or I need a quick fix.

1.       Vida Mia Cuisine in San Antonio, TX (I literally made this a carry-on item. It was about 40 tacos—which I shared with my family and then froze the rest so we could continue to enjoy them for a couple of weeks)

2.       Los Barrios Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, TX (If you don’t know what a puffy taco is—you should find out)

3.       Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant in Edmond, OK (Fresh pinto beans, homemade queso and an unlimited supply of tortillas—yes please!)

4.       Pepino’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Portland, OR (Do they have anything on their menu other than nachos? J)

5.       Red Iguana Killer Mexican Food in Salt Lake City, UT (MOLE, MOLE, MOLE—OLE!!)

Honorable Mention: Papi’s Tacos Al Carbon in Riverside, CA (I had to leave it on the list because it was a childhood favorite but I just found out that it has closed) RIP

San Antonio, Texas

So this week . . . what to say about it. At least I wasn’t in the office at 5:30am; at all . . . any day. Yea for me!! I also didn’t work past 8pm. I see improvement on the horizon! I am also finding it to be a very CLEAR crystal ball as to me moving forward with the intent to move to Ireland. April 1st, April 1st, April 1st . . . I have to chant it over and over when I am stressed.
This week we have returned again to the Places I Have Been post. I really like this post because it gives me a small trip down memory lane. Right now I am finding myself in the great state of Texas and so I decided that I would tell you about the places that I have been to in San Antonio thus far. I am looking for suggestions on what to do next while here so please be forth coming. I need stories for future posts! 🙂
1. When considering whether or not to move down here I had to look around for potential places to live. I know exactly where I would live.
2. I really do think the San Antonio River Walk is beautiful. Thank heavens because, let’s face it, San Antonio isn’t exactly known for its killer views.
3. I haven’t branched out past Mexican food since being here but that is because I am starved for it in Utah. While the best food I have eaten has come from a co-worker, this place is pretty good as well.
4. My office is currently across the street from the airport but more importantly it is across the street from where the San Antonio Spurs catch their jet for away games. Take that Sundance Film Festival!
5. And lastly, while driving through a neighborhood looking for places to live, I found Hollywood Park and I thought I had a deer problem in Utah.