Cooler Weather Staples

Just like that, it got cold. I don’t know about you but I prefer being warm to cold. Since Mother Nature isn’t helping out with natural heat; it must mean that it is time to pull out the extra layers. Here are 5 styles that I am liking for this season. Anything you excited to be wearing again?


A Good Night for Sleeping

I have been so transitory lately that I have messed up my sleeping habits to NO end. It seems I am going to bed by 10 but waking up by 2 every morning. My problem is–once I am up, I am up. Horribly frustrating!

So I have decided to share with you the things that do help me fall asleep (once I figure out how to fall back asleep after over thinking something, I will share).

  1. Temperature–you need to know what your optimal sleep temperature is and then adjust your sleeping space accordingly. That could mean turning on the AC/heat, opening a window, turning on a fan, wearing the right layer of clothing to be or even what sheets are on your bed. Here are some sheets that I like. 
  2. Noise/Lack Of–some people need and others don’t. I prefer silence from city noises but I don’t mind nature noise. I sleep peaceful with thunder, rain, crickets, you name it but I really can’t handle the sound of cars, trains or general traffic. Lately I have been into sleeping meditations that help my mind shut down. Here is a website you could try 
  3. Essential Oils–have you ever tried to sleep after a meal has been cooked in your house and it still smells like the food? Bacon might smell okay when being cooked but it makes a house reek by the end of the day. It is a lot nicer going to bed with a sleep that lulls you into sleep.  Take a look at The Prairie Homestead for some ideas. 
  4. Clothing–make sure you wear the right clothing to bed. Somethings are better for other activities and do not equate to a goodnight’s rest. I have been known in winter to sleep with socks on because it is too hard for my body to warm up and fall asleep. I make sure I wear socks that I can kick off without waking up then the next morning I fish them out of the bedding. Here are a suggestion for socks. 
  5. Hair Ties–this is for everyone with long hair like me. My hair is a big pain in the butt while sleeping because I can rollover and end up pulling it or having it around my neck or in my face. I can’t stand my hair everywhere so I tie it up on top of my head during the night and these ties work the best. 

Cutest Swimwear

I know . . . most women dread looking for swimsuits. It is like trying to find THAT pair of jeans. It’s not that you can’t find a TON of different options but every woman needs to find the ONE that is perfect for her. There are so many things to consider—What activities will you be doing while wearing it? Where will you be wearing it? How often will you be in it? The list goes on. I can’t say that I have cornered the market on how to find the right swimsuit but here are 5 suggestions for suits depending on the need.

Don’t give up hope! The summer isn’t over and there are still plenty of opportunities to get out in your suit.

  1. For those that swim for exercise 
  2. For those that are swimming and playing with kids 
  3. For those that are sunbathing 
  4. For those that need extra support 
  5. For those that need to integrate their suit into an outfit for in the water and out of the water excursions 

Driving the Southern Route

We made it through another week . . . thank heavens! I am finishing up all of my efforts to acquire great outfits for my whole family for my sister’s upcoming wedding. I have learned some things along the way with number one being that you should really look at the return policies for things you order online. If it isn’t free returns or a store you can physically take it to; don’t order it unless you are sure. I spent $70 returning items yesterday and needless to say, I am a little ticked. However, if you need to order and are unsure then make sure you order up a storm from both Nordstrom and Macy. They are wonderful!!!

Now on to this particular Friday’s post on places I have been–I have decided to showcase San Diego and surrounding area. My littlest sister lives in San Diego and absolutely loves it. So she showed me a few of her favorite spots and I then showed her a few of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite hidden gems in San Diego?


  1. Everyone has to start their day with breakfast and Snooze is a great place to do it.

  2. Speaking of food my sister and I are always on the lookout for great sushi houses and Sushi Deli hit the spot.

  3. We spent a great day out in the water body surfing at Carlsbad  State Beach. And speaking of Carlsbad; if you have never been here you should go. It has a cute downtown area with shopping, restaurants and generally beach hanging out.

  4. We had the most peaceful time looking out at the ocean and the lights of San Diego when going out to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. There are great pictures to be had out here and a great place to grab seafood to take back home as well from Point Loma Seafood.

  5. Of course my lists could go on and on since one of my most favorite hotels in the world is in San Diego but I feel I should mention to everyone that you can’t call your trip to San Diego complete without visiting Old Town.


Get out there and explore everyone and have a great weekend!!