What to Wear Working Out in the Rain

I am a walker and I walk every day no matter what the weather is like. Since I live in Oregon–rain is usually the weather during the winter months. That means I am always looking for gear that will help me stay dry so I am not miserable by the time I get home. Here are 5 items that might help anyone who finds themselves in the same situation that I am in.

Gore Mythos Windstopper Gloves
Columbia Sportswear OutDry Jacket
Mizuno Breath Thermo Layered Tights
Nike Pegasus Trail Shoes
Nike Dri-FIT Aerobill Running Cap

Cutest Swimwear

I know . . . most women dread looking for swimsuits. It is like trying to find THAT pair of jeans. It’s not that you can’t find a TON of different options but every woman needs to find the ONE that is perfect for her. There are so many things to consider—What activities will you be doing while wearing it? Where will you be wearing it? How often will you be in it? The list goes on. I can’t say that I have cornered the market on how to find the right swimsuit but here are 5 suggestions for suits depending on the need.

Don’t give up hope! The summer isn’t over and there are still plenty of opportunities to get out in your suit.

  1. For those that swim for exercise 
  2. For those that are swimming and playing with kids 
  3. For those that are sunbathing 
  4. For those that need extra support 
  5. For those that need to integrate their suit into an outfit for in the water and out of the water excursions