Dreaming of Flowers

This morning we had snow falling . . .again. Every day I am outside taking a walk and I admit, I am a little over being wet and cold by the time I get home. I also really miss being able to see the flowers blossoming that I love so much. I live close to a large tulip farm and they have had to push their season back by a month! So in honor of flowers and to help us all dream a little more about spring . . .here are 5 flowers I would love to see on my walks.


Flowers Instantly Brighten My Mood

I love flowers no matter where I see them and I am usually the person taking pictures of them. But sometimes the flowers I love the most are the ones that are on my own kitchen table. Most of my flower arrangements are simple but I will take flowers any way I can get them because they instantly put a smile on my face. Do flowers do that for you? Here are 5 flower arrangements that I love.

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