Products Galore

Am I the only person that “window shops” online? I get into Amazon for one thing and then end up taking a look around and just like Target, I end up walking away with a few more items. The good news is that I have found some things that I absolutely love which is why I need to share them with you!

What products have you found that you just love?

Before I share with you my usual 5; I wanted to share with you another great product  I have tried from Maple Holistics. If you aren’t sure who they are, take a look at this prior post of mine. Maple Holistics is a beauty and personal care company that provides natural cruelty-free products. The products are really wonderful to use. This winter my hair seemed to feel a little more rough (dry) then usual and I have been looking all over for something that could ease that without having oil directly on my hair. As with all of their shampoos, you only need the smallest amount to get the benefits. Still not convinced? . . .Read this article written about it and see if you change your mind.


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