A Beautiful Christmas

This is my first year with a VERY toned down decorating theme. I have purged my Christmas decorations back to more basic and functional designs and have tried my best to eliminate the “clutter” I feel when decorations are up in the house. So while I won’t be buying anything new, I am intrigued by these decorating ideas. What style are you drawn to when decorating?

  1. New wreath idea from Homemade Ginger 
  2. Christmas tree idea from Decorecent.com
  3. Christmas scent/candle idea from Tastemade 
  4. Christmas mantel idea from Country Living UK 
  5. Christmas gift wrapping ideas from A Piece of Rainbow 

One thought on “A Beautiful Christmas

  1. I love all of these ideas! We purchased two trees this year……..an artificial tree for indoors and a cut tree for our patio! What I love about the indoor tree is that it actually looks like some light snow has fallen on it………not a heavy flocking, but just a light dusting! Then we’ve put a tree on the patio and have the “old fashioned” lights on it! Makes me feel “Christmasy”!


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