Gift Giving

As a kid it was VERY easy for me to come up with a list of things I wanted for Christmas. Some years my list was a couple of pages long. I remember pouring over the toy section of the Sears Catalog and turning down all the pages of the items that I just knew I had to have. As an adult, I prefer to give gifts then receive them because the real gift for me now is to know that others are happy but even with that being said, it is nice to see something under the tree with your name on it.

The older I get the more I want to give gifts that are experiences and not things but an envelope with tickets isn’t the same as the actual wrapped box under the tree. Over the years I have also noticed a structure for what gifts to purchase so that overbuying doesn’t ensue. So here is the structure and my list should anyone be buying anything for me this year.

  1. Something I want to Read . . . Daring Greatly by Brene Brown  
  2. Something I Need . . . Crock-pot (okay I have a Crock-pot but it is really small, I really need a normal size one) 
  3. Something I want to Wear . . . Oxford Heels (aren’t they so cute?!!!) 
  4. Something I Want . . . Air Purifier (I live in Oregon with mold people . . . enough said) 
  5. Something to Eat . . . Salted Caramels (yes, please!)