The Joke is On You

Yes . . . today is the day when it is completely allowable to play a joke on someone and retaliation won’t follow . . . presumably. Of course that usually means your jokes should be limited to something of a less sever nature so people won’t want to retaliate. J

While I am not a fan of cruel or gross jokes; I do love a good joke. It is fun and I love seeing people smile and laugh. So below are some links to websites that could offer everyone encouragement to do something fun today. Some of these I have tried with success and some of these I really want to try in the future.

Have Fun!!

  1. I love this run down from BuzzFeed because it is a great listing of jokes to play on your kids. Just remember: the more jokes you play on your kids the more jokes they will play on you and you could be creating a battle ground for the future.  
  2. I work 5 days a week in an office where you know there has to be that one co-worker that is going to enjoy this day the most. Be that co-worker! This website gives some great ideas for the office.  
  3. I can’t help but post this website and their top 100 April fool jokes of all time. Some of these you might remember some of these might be a surprised that they happened.
  4. I love this one the most because it usually means someone is going to taste something very salty or very sweet when they think it is the opposite. Little kids are the best to prey on with this one but some of these is nothing more than a trick of the mind. This website has some great ideas with jokes with food. 
  5. I can’t leave this day with posting at least a couple of actual jokes that I have played on people. For those of you who know me well; you know that this is by far the tame side but I don’t want to give anyone the wrong ideas here. J So my first joke involves 2-3 Jolly Rancher candies inside the shower head. It works the best on men since they usually take the shortest showers. Unscrew the shower head and add the open Jolly Ranchers inside. Screw the cap back on. When the next person comes in to take a hot shower, the candy will naturally melt and leave a sticky residue on the person. It is enough to get people trying to figure out what is going on and possibly take another shower but not so much that you have to clean up a mess. The second is the age-old trick of Icy Hot or Bengay on the toilet seat. Cover the toilet seat in a very thin layer as invisible as possible. Just wait for the next victim to use the toilet. Afterwards the unsuspecting person will begin to feel a warming-cooling sensation just as the product describes. It is funny to watch the person start squirming in their pants and the clean-up is relatively easy on the prankster.