Spring Music

We are “kind of” having spring here. It is nice to see some flowers and buds appearing on the trees but I am over the cold and wet. I am kind of hoping that May brings more sunny weather so we can really get outside and enjoy all the newness of the season. In the meantime, here are 5 songs to get you in the mood for spring.


Gems Around Town

It was so nice having my parents in town. We were able to catch up on every aspect of our lives. Having them in town allowed me to show off a few more places we love. Here are 5 places you should stop by and see.

Long Beach, WA
Skamania Lodge
Leach Botanical Garden
Nicholas Restaurant

Easter Dessert

Here we are at Easter. This time I have my parents here to share the meal with and as far as meals go; I have that all planned and ready. What I can’t decide on is what to make for dessert. So here are the top 5 I keep waffling between. All of them are either Vegan or Paleo.

Lemon Crumble Bars
Strawberry Cake
Lemon Cake
Coconut Pineapple Easter Cake
Blackberry Cheesecake Jars