When it Rains

Today started as a beautiful day. It was sunny and headed to the warm side of fifty but by the time I was getting ready to leave, I started watching the gray clouds roll in. By the time I got on the freeway I had drops hitting my windshield. So the drive was slow and the rain was falling fast. Since I had extra time to sit in traffic and think; I had a thought . . . Where would I rather be will it is raining? (I’ll be the first to say that I hate driving in rain)

So in answer to that question; here are my favorite places I have been while it is raining.

  1. In bed: There is nothing better than the permission the rain grants you to stay in bed just a little longer and be lazy for the morning.
  2. Reading in your favorite spot: You know the spot. The one on the couch or chair or floor that has your name written all over it. Probably pretty close to a fire and near the window so you can watch how calm everything is and get caught up in the world of the book.
  3. The beach: I know this sounds weird but it is pretty awesome to stare at the ocean while it is stormy outside.
  4. The middle of the forest: Have you ever been out hiking or camping and it starts to rain? You might not feel the rain at first but you can hear it falling on the leaves and trickling to the ground.
  5. In a skyscraper office with floor to ceiling windows: Did you know that some skyscrapers I have been in are so tall that the cloud cover is actually below me? I can look down and see the cloud and leave the building to be in the rain but I can also see the sun shining brightly above it all.

One thing I have learned over the years; there is beauty in all kinds of weather. You just need to learn to appreciate it.