Unique Little Towns

So last weekend I spent a portion of the day looking at apartments in preparation for my sister moving to Oregon. While the majority of the apartments focused on Salem proper; there were a couple that sent me out into the country. It was such a beautiful and relaxing drive but a little out-of-the-way for a daily commute. Throughout all of my time driving; I decided to shed a little light on these small towns I was in and out of. You never know what treasure they might have hidden. What small towns do you live next to that you have never explored?

  1. Molalla: This little town is home to the Molallo Buckeroo Rodeo, Apple Festival and the Pacific Coast Freestyle Championships (a model airplane aerobatics tournament). It is also the home of Kevin Freeman, silver medalist in the 1964 Equestrian events. 
  2. Marquam: This little town was started by Alfred Marquam who was the nephew to Philip Augustus Marquam. Philip was an early Multnomah County judge and legislator. The Marquam Bridge, Marquam Hill, Marquam Gulch and Marquam Nature Park are all named after him. 
  3. Silverton : So this town is slightly larger and is a lot of fun to spend your day exploring. It is the gateway to Silver Falls State Park. Home to The Oregon Garden and the Gordon House which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is also home to Bobbie the Wonder Dog
  4. Aumsville: Named after the son-in-law to Henry Turner who established a farm and flour mill creating the soon to be town. It is also home to the annual Aumsville Corn Festival. 
  5. Turner: This town is named for Henry Turner; a local flour mill owner and well-known pioneer who actually also founded the town of Aumsville.