November & December 472
I am nearing the end and I have given my official end date to current job. It will be February 28th and then I might be bored . . . one could only hope. 🙂
In the meantime, I have decided that I need the following things in my life.
I mean really; I have lived in a hotel for the last three weeks and spent almost every waking hour in the office. I could be anywhere in the world and not know what is going on or where I am. So the following things I think would really put a smile on my face.
What do you need in your life right now to get through the day to day humdrum?
1.      An adorable animal 
2.      New clothes because I am already sick of what I brought with me. How long is the mall open tonight? These are pretty much awesome and this should make an evening out a lot more fun!
3.      A kitchen because eating out is VERY over rated 
4.      In fact, a house because the Holiday Inn Express isn’t that cool anymore
5.      A great place for a date 
And just because it is close to Valentine’s Day, I might have to get one of these too.:)