And the Gratitude Continues

Another round of what I am grateful for. This could never get old for me. Hopefully it won’t get too old for you. I have come up with 5 new things to be thankful for this November.

How is your gratitude list coming? Please share something you are grateful for. 🙂

  1. Music: This morning I was driving to the office and a song came on the radio that I haven’t heard for a while but it brought a smile to my face and some bobbing to my head. I really enjoy music in its many forms and if I could do something that I love; it would be with music in some way. Here is my song if you are wondering what made me happy. 😛
  2. Blogs: I really learn a lot about other people and what I learn the most is that we are all the same. We all have the things that we are passionate about and the things that we like to share with others. It is really wonderful to be apart of that community. Here are 5 of my favorites blogs to follow:
    1. The Kitchn
    2. Love Taza
    3. Peanut Butter Fingers
    4. Can You Stay for Dinner?
    5. Oh Happy Day
  3. Modern Medicine and Holistic Approaches: This might sound like an oxymoron but I am very grateful for the ability to care for myself without having to worry about insurance and drugs however; I also recognize when I need something to get over Bronchitis and I am grateful for the medical profession.
  4. Food: I know that I said I was grateful for the harvest last week but I was really talking about the source of our food. This is gratitude for the wonderful things I have eaten over the years. Here are 5 things that I REALLY want to make in the next couple of weeks.
    1. Simple Lemony Spring Chicken & Spring Veggie Soup
    2. Ground Chicken Lettuce Wraps
    3. Cranberry Avocado Salad
    4. Caramel Churro Chex Mix
    5. Pumpkin Heavenly Oreo Dessert
  5. Animals: Everyone should know by now how much I miss my dog Coco but having her in my life gave me gratitude and love for all animals that cross my path. It is such a wonderful thing to have the connection we do with them.