The Curse

That is exactly what it is–a curse. What is a curse you may ask? A head cold. Yes, the common head cold that ruins your life because your too sick to make basic decisions but not sick enough for people to have real sympathy like they do when you have the flu.  You get to still exist in the world, going about your daily life, like nothing is the matter because you are functioning enough. Never mind that you haven’t slept in a couple of days because you can’t breathe. That food tastes funny and everything smells weird once you can breathe through your nose again. Or the fact your whole head is sitting in a fog thick enough even for you to believe you are in a creepy movie plot.

Such has been my life for the last week. I have had to endure my long daily commute (thank heavens the roads were clearer than usual). I have had to make detailed work decisions and I got to go on vacation this weekend with it. The only saving grace in this whole process has been the remedies that I have taken. So here is to the top five things that helped me survive this round of the common head cold.

  1. Airborne: If you have never used this product, there might be something wrong with you. It is wonderful at keeping you from getting sick while sickness is around you and at helping you get better faster during it.  Capture
  2. Emergen-C: Once again, if you haven’t used it, you need to think twice about your medicating actions. 🙂 It is also a great pick me up during your cold and great at preventing you from getting the cold. Capture
  3. Afrain Nasal Spray: I really hated nasal sprays as a kid because they were weird. As an adult, I only mildly like them because of living in a dry climate and common nose bleeds BUT when you are sick and you can’t breathe at night; this is salvation in a bottle. Capture
  4. Kleenex: Tissues are your only friend during this horrible time but even they can be horrible if using the wrong ones. A few years ago I stumbled upon the best invention EVER! Kleenex makes Cool Touch Tissues and believe me, you will welcome the opportunity to blow your nose. Seriously 🙂 Capture
  5. Soup and rest: Although it is really hard to sleep when you have a head cold; when you can sleep it is wonderful because it is deep and you know that your body is repairing. It is also great when your best friend just happens to make some amazing soup to help nourish you on the inside.

What remedies do you use when the common cold strikes?