There’s No Place Like the New Year

So funny thing happened this week . . .I found myself in a new year. That’s right . . .a new year–2019 to be exact. Did you find yourself in this new year as well? If so, then you and I have a lot to talk about. I know everyone is thinking the same thing–time for new year resolutions. There is nothing like a new jumping off point that gets the resolution juices turning but, I ask you to consider what kind of a resolution you really want to make.

Is the resolution you are about to make because you feel compelled to make it or because you want to make it? Does the thought of the new adventure bring you joy or disdain? I don’t know about you but anything that is forced on me gets an automatic veto (even if it isn’t right away). I don’t want to be forced; I want to choose my own adventure.

So I am setting happiness goals again this year. I will be setting 19 of them for 2019. I did this last year and I accomplished 13 of the 18 I set. I need to reevaluate the remaining 5 and see what stopped me from accomplishing them and see if they should be on my list for this year.

In the meantime . . .I decided that I needed a color this year and something to really motivate me to make this year the best yet and I found it in the form of a pair of shoes . . .red shoes. I love them! They make me smile and I actually like wearing them . . .all day! As I was wearing them all I could think of was Dorothy and her red slippers that transported her back home after becoming lost. Those shoes held the courage for Dorothy to set out on a new adventure, make new friends, and discover herself in the process all the while trying to find her way back to those that she loved.

Sometimes it is a simple object that helps us take the courage needed to make the next leap of faith. I am counting on my shoes to be just that. What is your motivator to try something new? What is it that encourages you to be brave?


Here’s to 2015!

November & December 575

Can you believe it? I am not exactly sure where 2014 went but we have moved onto 2015. I have the sneaking suspicion that 2015 is going to go by just as quickly. Yesterday I was having a conversation with my mother about how busy and planned I am from now until April. That is scary that on the first day of the new year I am already jumping ahead to spring. How is your 2015 shaping up? Do you find yourselves just as busy?

So here we are at the cross-roads of another round of new year resolutions. I am not going to ask you to create your typical list nor do I want to hear it. I want to know what resolutions you are going to make to be friendlier, happier and more relaxed this year. So if you post anything about a gym . . . I might have eliminate you from my weekly list. 🙂

Here are my resolutions to finding a more relaxed me this year.

1.      Move to a foreign country

2.      Sit on the beach and stare at the ocean while meditating (must happen once a week).

3.      Eat more ice cream (this always make me feel like a little kid and only counts when having it in a cone)

4.      Be nicer to myself and my feelings.

5.      Be in the moment no matter where I am (instead of always being at the office).