A Nice End to Summer Fun

We have a 5th Friday and I have the opportunity to share with you more pictures of my summer adventures. Enjoy!

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The Fall List

I have shared with everyone a lot of the places that I love to visit during the fall. The list is mostly made up of places that I can clearly see the transition from summer into fall but there are other places that I love to visit at the start of fall for one big reason . . . kids are back in school and the crowds are less.

What places do you what to visit once the crowds die down?

  1. Disneyland or any theme park: Let’s be honest . . . it is a lot of fun to go with kids especially if it is their first time BUT, theme parks are fun for adults too and more so when you know you don’t have to worry about height restrictions, losing someone to the crowd, or having someone eat the churro you have been craving for a solid year or more. 
  2. Cannon Beach or any coastal town: The beach is at its peak during the summer. Hot temperatures helps regulate your body against the coolness of the water but don’t you just hate planning a day at the beach to have it dashed to pieces because you can’t find a parking spot, a place to lay your towel down, or even a place to bob in the waves without getting hit by someone’s surf board, boogie board, paddle board, etc.? If I have to wear a wet suit to avoid hypothermia, then so be it. 
  3. Hawaii or any island: I lived in Hawaii and I absolutely love it anytime of the year but I loved it the most when people went back to the mainland for the majority of the year. Paradise can feel an awful lot like Los Angeles when there are a ton of people. 
  4. The Grand Tetons/Yellowstone or any National park: This is sometimes hard to do when not the summer months because some parks close for season but if you can manage to find the small window of opportunity between Labor Day and  the season closing, you will love it! The significant drop of cars driving in the parks is reason alone to wait until summer has passed. The park rangers and all other staff providing services in the park are more “chill” and you feel like you are stepping into a wonderland (what a national park should be) instead of getting on a ride at a theme park. 
  5. Salt & Straw Ice Cream or any locally celebrated establishment: Got to love the internet but . . . ultimately that is how everyone learns about the unique things to do in a city they are visiting. Local establishments are great and the locals like them but not when we see a line longer than three blocks. I live for the off-season and the hours of day when even locals are busy with work and school to go and visit the places that I see on the internet as well. 

What I Did New in PDX This Week

I had half of my family in town this past week and it was WONDERFUL!! I am so blessed to live close enough that I can visit family members and they can visit me. But this time around I didn’t just want to do the same old “haunts”. I wanted to give everyone a reason to keep coming back and seeing me. So below are 5 new things we did in Portland while they were here and it was WONDERFUL!!

Get out there and re-explore your neighborhood. I can guarantee you haven’t seen or done everything your “neck-of-the-woods” has to offer.

  1. Witches Castle or MacLeay Trail: We actually never made it to the “castle” since the area was closed off for re-vegetation but we did get a hike in (pulling a wagon–I don’t suggest it), found salamanders, and carried on a conversation with an owl and vulture at the Audubon Society. 
  2. Portland Aerial Tram: This was kind of funny since my brother, sister and one niece are a little afraid of heights. Once they got past the initial swinging; I think everyone had a very enjoyable time. Too bad it was hazy and we couldn’t see Mt. Hood and Mount St. Helen’s. 
  3. Vista House: I actually stayed home sick in bed this day but my sister and her roommate had a wonderful time up at the Vista House and got to see the beautiful layout of the Columbia River and the mountains. 
  4. Twilight Film Sites: I sent my sister and her roommate on a Twilight film tour day while I was at the office. While I am not a huge fan of touring film sites; this is actually a good way to get out and see more areas than you would otherwise go. 
  5. McMenamins Kennedy School Soaking Pool: Once again, this was on the day that I stayed home sick in bed. My sister and her roommate had a wonderful time but because it was a great day outside the pool was a little crowded. Off-season is always the best time to travel. 

All of this was wonderful to see and explore but what made it the best was having family here to share it with. So I am sharing with all of you, some of the people I love best.

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